• What is your photography style?

I always aim for timeless, true-to-life colouring that maintains a warm finish and flattering skin tones. The final product is not too bright, and not too dark — and your images aren't over edited, but are edited just enough to add some magic!

My work is heavily focused around capturing real moments. I place a large importance on capturing both the look and feel of each wedding day.
 I am happy to offer my couples directions and prompts if needed. However, often couples are so caught up in having a great time they don't need my help! apturing these unplanned moments, which showcase all the authentic emotions you were feeling, allows us to freeze those feelings in time.

• Full galleries examples

Each couple can expect a mix of me being either an observer or a participant in their day. Sometimes, I'll be a fly on the wall - discreetly capturing quiet and intimate moments. Other times, I'll be right in the action, encouraging laughs and big smiles. It's all about a balance. 

I make every effort to capture & deliver as many candid photos of my couples with their friends and family as possible.

Everyone who inquires with me has access to view examples of real full wedding, elopement and engagement galleries. This allows you to get a really great feel for my work, and further allows you to envision how I might capture your day. 

This puts us on the same page, and helps avoid any surprises or letdowns when you reviews your full gallery from me!

• Where are you based? Do you travel?

I am based in Paris and more than happy to jump on a plane in order to document your story. I usually arrive the day before the wedding.

• Investment in memories

Couples on average invest €350 for engagement and family sessions ; €2600 or more for weddings.
I’m passionate about working with couples who believe in the value of meaningful, authentic photographs that will last a lifetime. 

• Booking

You can contact me by phone or email to book a first call so I can learn more about you, your story, what you have planned and to answer any questions you might have.
Once you have chosen a photography collection and are ready to proceed, I will prepare your contract with package detail to save the date for a retainer of 30%. As soon as I receive your contract and retainer, the date is reserved in my calendar and your services are booked.

• Delivery times

You can expect a selection of sneak peek photos delivered between 48 hours to one week later. Then, a delivery of your full gallery 3-4 weeks later for engagement and family sessions, 2-3 months for weddings. I will do my best to get them to you sooner if possible.

Photos are delivered on an online gallery for you to share with your family and friends.

On average, I deliver 50 images per hour of photography coverage. For a full-day wedding, you can receive up to 500+ photos from your big day.

• Effective communication

You might already know the stereotype ... wedding photographers who are great artists, but terrible business people. This isn't me!

 Clients regularly express gratitude for my fast response times, effective communication, attention to detail in planning, and my hard work in making sure your day doesn't fall behind schedule. 

• Do you work with second shooter?

I work on my own and with second photographers depending on the details and size of the wedding. Generally with weddings over 150 guests, I would recommend a second photographer. For less than, I feel confident photographing on my own. I will be able to give you my recommandation given your exact plans for your wedding.

• We're so awkward

This is hands down the most common thing I hear from couples when they first inquire. Couples come to me wanting authentic and raw imagery, but thinking they're too awkward to achieve this.

 Don't fret! I have so many methods and tricks up my sleeve to ensure my couples are having fun & not feeling awkward. I place equal importance on capturing effortless and natural images, while making sure my couples feel comfortable. This results in the effortless candid imagery I'm known for. 

As long as couples are willing to put their trust in me and be vulnerable with me during our time together — I promise we can make photos you will love forever! 

• Your day your way

Another common question is "what does a 'typical' wedding day with you look like?" The answer: there is no such thing as a 'typical' wedding day. 

While most weddings do generally follow a similar flow, each couple is unique. Their wedding day deserves to be seen as unique, too. Viewing my couple's wedding days in this way keeps me on my toes + ensures I'm never on ‘auto-pilot.'

If you love traditions, I'll be there to capture them all. If you're a fan of breaking the mould and doing something different — I'll cheer you on in that, too!

Whatever it is that would make your day feel like your own, I’m a full-on supporter, and am here to help you every step of the way. Anything you’re wanting documented is worth being captured in a way that will bring back all the feels for generations to come. I want you to be able to look back at these photos for decades and feel the love you feel for each other right now. I want them to be meaningful to you. 

• Engagement session

Engagement session is the best way for me to get to know one another better with a camera around. It’s also time for your to find your natural photo flow and getting you comfortable being in front of the camera. This time is really a best test run before your wedding day.

• The right fit

If you've made it through this point and you're still keen to work together, that's a great sign! If you think I might be the perfect photographer for you, reach out and let's chat!I want us all to feel excited and confident about working together. Mutual trust, respect, and excitement creates the space to take heart-stopping photographs.

I can’t wait to celebrate your love!